Leeds Castle Trip

Forms 3 and 4 had a wonderful outing to Leeds Castle on Wednesday 12th June. They took part in a fascinating drama/history workshop ‘From Cave to Castle’, which focussed on the history of Britain from the Hunter Gatherer period to 1066. The children took part in a fun drama production, learning about how man and land had developed in a chronological timeline of events.

They were treated to a tour of the castle, which included Lady Baillie’s bedroom, bathroom and dressing room, as well as the library, cellar and games room and other areas of the stunning castle. The sun shone whilst the children had a train ride, played in the huge ‘castle’ play area and met the new cygnets and their swan parents. What a wonderful day!

Thank you very much to the parent helpers and to the wonderful staff at Leeds Castle, who were extremely knowledgeable and gave us a fantastic, informative day out.