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Fiona McNevin (2011), who is now studying A-Levels at Old Palace, recently told us: “I am so grateful to St David’s for my time there – they introduced me to both Latin and French, subjects which I now study for A-Level… and which I hope to continue at university! I often think back to my years at St David’s and the friends I made there, many of whom I am still close with.”

Sabina Patel (1979), who is now married and living in Florida, recently told us: “Being a student at St David’s between 1972 and 1979, I have fond memories of harvest festivals at St Mark’s, brownie camping trips with Miss Rivet and many a Christmas play. Looking at your website brought me many happy memories.”

Ex-head girl, Jessica Grant (2012), who is now studying at Croydon High School said about her time at St David’s: “I always felt proud when I was showing new parents around the school as it was my chance to tell them all the things I love about St David’s… I’ll always be a St David’s girl.”

Katrina Cathie (1975), who is now married and teaching at Cumnor House School for Boys, wrote: “I started in Kindergarten at St David’s in 1970 and enjoyed 5 happy years there. Particular memories include nature lessons with Miss Rivet up at the field, netball matches with Mrs Randall and my first introduction to Latin! My son, who is currently at St David’s, is now able to experience the same atmosphere that I enjoyed all those years ago!”

Tom Eaton (2007) told us: “I’m currently studying A level Maths and Science at Wallington County Grammar School. My younger brother is at St David’s now and I often wish it was me all over again!

Emma Thomas (1979), who is now married and currently has a daughter at St David’s told us:”I have extremely fond memories of my time at St Davids… Whilst the building, equipment and teaching methods have all moved on in the 30 years, the fundamental ethos of the School with its nurturing and friendly family atmosphere has not changed at all. I remember so many things from my time there but here are a few: Yummy jam sponge pudding, learning to tie my shoes and tie in Kindergarten, Brownie camping trips with Miss Rivet, bunny hopping over upturned benches in the gym, Sports Day at the field with your family and a picnic, the secret door between the two staircases, Prize Giving at St Marks, Fireworks night at the field with a big roaring fire, Latin lessons in Form 5 and my friend Samantha who used to look after me!”

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