The Mathematics Curriculum

At St David’s, Mathematics is intended to prepare pupils for a life-long learning journey by ensuring that they have a secure knowledge of core fundamental skills. These are developed in Early Years through to the Upper School. Every opportunity is made to make links with everyday life to ensure all pupils understand the use and benefits of developing quick mental maths skills as well as being able to tackle a range of complex problems, where they are encouraged to record their reasoning and workings. Our bespoke syllabus delivers independent learning and fosters a growth mind-set in learners of all abilities whilst also offering challenge and the opportunity to flourish and excel.

Investigations are regular features of lessons, where pupils are encouraged to make predictions, explore patterns and use a range of skills to get to their final answer. Investigations have a low threshold enabling all children to access the learning but also a high ceiling to provide the opportunity for our most able pupils to extend their learning and explore independently. The notion of proof, evidence and detailed reasoning are key skills when undertaken investigations. In the Upper School, the children have the opportunity to undertake national Maths Challenges provided by the Primary Maths Challenge and United Kingdom Mathematics Trust.

All lessons are planned carefully and are tailored to the needs of the individual pupil, to ensure all children feel motivated, engaged and able to make progress to meet their full potential.