Clubs & Activities

At St David’s we offer a wide-ranging extra-curricular activities programme at lunchtimes and after school. There is something for everyone. Music, drama, crafting, team and individual sport, chess, gardening and maths are just a few examples of the clubs provided. The activities on offer change each term, along with the seasons, and pupils are encouraged to join in and have fun. Most activities are run by the school staff and so there is no charge; however for the few clubs which are run by external staff, there is a small charge involved.

A full list of this term’s extra-curricular activities can be seen on the following link

Our popular board chess clubs provide the children with the opportunity to battle their wits against each other and to learn the valuable life skills of sportsmanship along the way! Our chess club is run by Coulsdon Chess Fellowship and we are very proud of how well our chess team have performed in local and national competitions.

Science Club
This is the perfect club for all budding young scientists to take a hands-on approach to experiments and investigations and, most importantly of all, to create a mess!

Inquisitive Minds and ICT Clubs
These fun and interactive clubs are for keen mathematicians and children interested in computing. In the Inquisitive Minds club, pupils are given the opportunity to play mathematical games, explore the creative aspects of mathematics and tackle challenging topics and investigations. Our ICT club gives pupils the chance to enhance their computing skills and learn how to create posters and leaflets using different computer packages.