Hear what Parents say about us

Our daughter joined the nursery class in St David’s and has just completed the secondary school application process in Form 6 with very successful outcomes. The nurturing environment and care provided by all the staff mean her confidence has noticeably grown each year. Together with the extra-curricular learning experiences provided in Form 6, she is ready to face the challenges of secondary school in September and will leave with her primary school with lots of very happy memories.

As a St David’s parent of 13 years, writing this testimonial brings bitter-sweet feelings. Sweet, as I look forward to the exciting chapters to follow in my son’s life, but bitter, as I watch him prepare to say goodbye to a school he loves.

From the point of Nursery through to Form 6, St David’s has held his hand through the perils of childhood and early adolescence, with a caring, compassionate and child-focussed approach. When obstacles inevitably arose, the solution-focussed approach at St David’s meant we always found a positive way forward.

To witness my son’s bound into school on a daily basis, never wanting to miss a moment of school is comforting as a parent and testament to the safe and nurturing environment every member of staff provides.

St David’s has felt like a much-welcomed extension of our family over the last decade but has left a legacy for my son that will last a lifetime.

The St David’s family nurtured, cared for and supported our children from Nursery to Form 6; they were always happy to go into school which speaks volumes. Every child is well known by every member of staff and there are a wide range of activities and experiences on offer; this, coupled with the dedication of the staff, gives rise to an environment in which it is easy for children to grow and flourish in preparation for senior school. St David’s has also moved with the times in terms of technology, an essential ingredient for success in today’s world! We were delighted with the range of senior school offers our daughter received; she will move on to the next stage of her life with confidence and very fond memories.

Our daughter joined St David’s in Reception and has flourished throughout the years and will be finishing year 6 with great achievement. The school has a family-orientated ethos where all children are known by the teaching staff individually and are very helpful and approachable to discuss any matters. The last 2 years have been very difficult for the children due to Covid-19 and the school have navigated them well to the success they have achieved in year 6. Our daughter has become more confident over the years and is ready for the next journey.

Having had two children experience life at St David’s from Nursery to Form 6, we have watched them benefit enormously from the support, challenge and variety of teaching methods within the nurturing environment that the school offers.

The years we spent at St David’s will be cherished, but Form 6 is particularly memorable to us all. The school is very aware of the need to address the transition to secondary school, creating a unique curriculum alongside the academics, to equip the children with life skills and experiences – all delivered in a fun, interactive manner, to capture enthusiasm and maximise insight. Highlights for our sons were the “introduction to business” programme, planning and navigating London using TFL and the ever popular residential trip to the Isle of Wight for a week!

Our children have thrived under the guidance of St David’s and now have a wonderful solid foundation with which to embrace next schools.

Our daughter had a fantastic experience in Form 6 at St David’s. The first term was all about hard work and preparation for exams, but as promised the Spring and Summer terms were all about new and fun challenges which helped her to grow in maturity and build her confidence before leaving primary school. She loved the enterprise project and really threw herself into designing and developing their products and ideas. The Navigate London trip was a big success and really taught the children about the importance of planning as well as reacting to the unexpected! They all enjoyed the early start and putting their French to practice on their French trip and their week in the Isle of Wight was full of adventure and very much a bonding experience for the class. Friendships were strengthened over the year anyway, but properly cemented as they supported each other during rehearsals for the Form 6 play, Oliver, and during their week away. They have been very supportive of each other and although they are now spread across a wide variety of schools, they are still very much in touch and sharing experiences they are having at secondary. Although there were many tears as they finished their time at St David’s, they left with lots of confidence and ready for the new adventure.