Music is an integral part of life at St David’s. Assemblies, concerts and productions all celebrate a love of singing and instrument playing. Every child has the opportunity to take part in extra-curricular music activities from individual instrumental lessons to group ensembles and choirs.

Individual Music Lessons
We currently offer individual music lessons from specialist visiting music teachers on the following instruments: piano, violin, flute, saxophone, clarinet, recorder, trumpet and trombone.

From September 2023, individual lesson are £220 for 10 x 30 minute lessons

These lessons are available from Form 3 or earlier at the discretion of the Head of Music and the Visiting Music Teacher.

Music ensembles and clubs are also on offer at a cost of £58 per term.

There are three choirs at St David’s. Our Infant Choir, which is available to all children in Forms 1 and 2, our Come and Sing Choir, which is available to all children in Forms 3 to 6, and our Chamber Choir, which is available for children in Forms 4 to 6 following a successful audition.

Our Music Extravaganza Club is available for younger children.

There are currently 3 ‘paid for’ ensembles which meet once a week to practice and prepare for various performances throughout the year. These are the string group – Fiddle Fiesta, and the Junior and Senior Rhythm Ensembles. These groups cater for children from beginner standard upwards (depending on the instrument), giving the children the opportunity to develop their playing, build their confidence and learn to work as a team. The groups perform in assemblies and in various School concerts throughout the year.

There are other ensembles available which include a recorder group and a ukulele orchestra.

Music Scholarships 
Children from St David’s are regularly offered music scholarships and awards from the following schools: Whitgift, Trinity, Caterham, Royal Russell and Woldingham. Children are prepared for their applications and auditions by both their individual lesson teachers and the Head of Music.