Art & DT

The Art & DT Curriculum

The Art and DT curriculum at St David’s School is designed to give children access to a wide variety of skills and techniques whilst stimulating their creativity and imagination. Traditional skills are at the core of our learning – drawing, colour theory, painting, collage, printing, textiles and 3D work. Technology allows us to expand on these skills further through stop motion animation, film making, photography, 3d modelling, and 3d printing.

Learning in Key Stage 1 emphasises the freedom to experiment with a broad range of media whilst exploring their imaginations. Activities are linked to Topics that the children are studying in other lessons, which gives more purpose to their creativity. Projects are short and aim to develop several core skills at a time, which lays a foundation for the years to come.

In Key Stage 2 pupils build on their knowledge of colour, shape, form, texture, and space in increasingly longer projects. Sketchbooks are used to explore new ideas, develop skills and document progress over the year. In DT, pupils learn the design process of research, design, make, evaluate and use their ever expanding skillset to solve problems.

Art & DT lessons take place in the Art Room, a custom built space equipped with everything the children need to thrive as creatives