The English Curriculum

Our English curriculum challenges learners of all abilities to achieve more than they believed possible. We pride ourselves on our ability to stretch and motivate every child, encouraging a mind-set which embraces challenge and inquiry in the four key areas of Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening.

We believe that pupils’ confidence and motivation are key to success – therefore pupils experience interesting, diverse lessons which build on a full range of literacy skills. As far as possible, links are made to other areas of the curriculum and encompass pupils’ interests in order to maintain high levels of engagement and foster a passion for English.

English should not only develop skills, but also provide pupils with pleasure and broaden horizons. Therefore we recognise the importance of activities that extend beyond the curriculum such as productions, competitions, World Book Day activities and school trips.

Ultimately, we aim to prepare pupils for a smooth transfer to secondary school at the end of Year 6. Our pupils’ hard work and achievements in English are often recognised by the offer of academic scholarships from independent secondary schools as well as by the offer of grammar school places.