The ICT/Computing Curriculum

ICT and Computing at St David’s are constantly evolving in line with our modern and increasingly connected world. Every classroom is equipped with an interactive whiteboard, and there are class sets of tablets and chrome books available for classroom use, along with a set of Ipads which are used for filming, editing and photography. There is a separate ICT suite/Learning Resource Centre which accommodates the ICT and Computing lessons, where pupils can experience a range of software and applications to develop their skills.

Lessons for Reception age children are conducted in small groups and concentrate mainly on developing mouse skills and basic computer functions. Use of a variety of programs ensures that there is a steady progression of attainment throughout the EYFS and Key Stage 1.

Programing now forms a significant aspect of the curriculum and children in Year 2 are introduced to programs and applications such as Scratch and Blockly Games as a means of exploring and developing programing skills which are enhanced and developed by our spiral curriculum as they move through the year groups.

Lower Junior pupils are taught to identify and correct errors in programs as well as developing skills in programs such as PowerPoint and Google Slides. Upper Junior Pupils learn to work with databases and spreadsheets along with instruction on how to create and use hyperlinks and web pages.

The rapid growth of technology poses challenges to our children that have not been experienced by previous generations of parents/carers or teachers and children’s use of technology renders them vulnerable to a range of online risks. Internet safety is taught both explicitly and within other lessons at St David’s, ensuring that children and parents are aware of the risks associated with use of technology today.