Pastoral Care

Outstanding Pastoral Care

St David’s has a deserved reputation for providing and delivering outstanding pastoral care, ensuring that each new child quickly feels part of the School. Our pastoral care is centred on your child’s form teacher, who looks after the all-round academic, social and pastoral well-being of your child. However, pastoral care is not limited to class teachers, as all staff know the pupils in the School and are available to support them and their parents with any academic or personal troubles they may have. With a high teacher-to-pupil ratio, our dedicated and caring staff are able to ensure that the classroom provides a happy, safe and exciting learning environment, whilst ensuring that your child’s individual needs are met.

At St David’s we care about our pupils and aim to provide them with a strong, secure base where they will gain the skills to meet the challenges of the wider world. Our goal is that when pupils leave us, they will be self-confident, will have reached their academic potential, will have strong social skills, and will have enjoyed a wide variety of creative and physical activities.

“Pupils’ behaviour is exceptional”

The Independent Schools Inspectorate, 2018