Juniper Hall Trip

Form 3 had an absolutely fantastic trip to Juniper Hall today. They went on a ‘Survival’ course, where they learnt how to build shelters in the woods. The children worked brilliantly in their teams to build a shelter from the natural resources around them. The shelters turned out very well indeed and the children enjoyed eating their packed lunches inside.

Afterwards, our tutor Sean tested out just how waterproof our shelters were as he created a ‘storm’! Luckily the children didn’t get too wet as they had done a very good job building. Great team work Form 3!

The class completed their day outside with some orienteering and map reading skills. The children worked in pairs to find various locations and punch their orienteering cards as proof! Great fun had by all, and we are sure that the children (and adults) will sleep very well indeed tonight!