Da Vinci Day

On Thursday 18th April, Mr MacGregor organised a fantastic technology day, which involved designing, creating and testing. He challenged the children in Forms 1 to 5 to make either a catapult or a glider using lollipop sticks, rubber bands and various other craft items. The children looked at different designs, but ultimately they came up with their own ideas, which they experimented with and improved upon as they tested.

The children worked individually or in pairs and were ably assisted by staff and Form 6 pupils (who had been trained up previously). After a busy morning of designing, building and refining ideas, each class tested their designs together to see whose flew/fired the furthest. Then, after lunch, the best (or most interesting) contraptions from each class were brought to an assembly where they demonstrated them to the whole school. 

Meanwhile, the Early Years children set off to the field with their junk-modelling equipment to build boats. They built some fantastic looking vessels, some of which they shared with the rest of the school in the assembly after lunch.