Nower Wood Trip

On Monday 27th March, Form 2 visited Nower Wood as part of their science topic – living things and their habitats. The day started with a sensory trail. The children were blind-folded and made their way through the woods, by following a rope and holding their arm out as their ‘antenna’ and learnt how mini- beasts feel their way around under dark logs.

The next activity was a mini-beast hunt. The children carefully collected mini-beasts from under logs sing a pot and ‘tickling stick’. They then viewed them in magnifying chambers and classified them by the number of legs they had.

After lunch the children went pond-dipping. They used nets to collect living organisms from the pond and transferred them into their own ‘aquarium’ and then used a classification key to try and identify each organism.

Finally, the children had a classroom session, where they took a closer look at the creatures they had found under the video microscope and took part in a question and answer session. It was a really fun day and the class came back full of interesting new facts.