Horton Kirby Trip

On Friday 7th June, Form 6 visited Horton Kirby, an important village from the Victorian era, which still has a Victorian school. The children took on the persona of a real Victorian child who attended the school and went on to discover facts about their life. They visited some of the houses in the village where their child lived or worked and, in one special case, found the grave where their child was eventually buried.

The class also had the opportunity to handle some real Victorian artefacts and objects that all gave a glimpse into what life would have been like living in Horton Kirby during the reign of Queen Victoria. Finally, the highlight of the day was when the children experienced a range of Victorian lessons, taught by the Head Teacher Mr Kemp, and a number of unfortunate children were introduced to the dunces cap and cane!

It was a fascinating day where history was brought to life before our eyes and the children enjoyed every minute!