Florence Nightingale Day

We have had the most wonderful day learning about Florence Nightingale. Both Mrs McKie and Mrs Wilks were dressed up in old fashioned Nurse costumes to welcome the children.

We started the day with colouring and crosswords on our theme before watching a film about her life and what she achieved. We then acted out a play script of the events, with each child playing a part. We used the whole classroom, and we scrubbed the floors and walls, tidied the ‘hospital’ and laid fresh beds for the patients!

After break-time we made ‘lady with the lamp’ lanterns with a tissue paper flame, which now hang in our classroom -look out for them at Parents’ Evening! We also had a little photo shoot of the children in their outfits and holding their lanterns.

In PE, Mr McArthur took the children back in time, turning their watches back to 1853 during the Crimean War. They played various games including ‘crossing the battlefield’ (the playground) whilst ‘bombs’ (balls) were being dropped!

In Music, Mrs Flanagan taught the children a song about Florence Nightingale which you may enjoy to listen to at home!

After lunch we watched a short film where some children were taken back in time and hospitals today were compared to those 200 years ago. We followed this with discussions about the training of nurses which Florence introduced. We talked about what we would do if we were faced with an accident or emergency at home and that we should call 999. We role played this and practised answering the question ‘Which service do you require?’ correctly, as well as going over our addresses. The children watched as Mrs McKie modelled bandaging a patient and we discussed how it might be done best.

We discussed basic first aid and set up a hospital in our classroom. Each pair of children had a ‘bed’, cushion, stethoscope and bandage. Each ‘patient’ had to decide on their injury prior to the nurse coming in. We practised introducing ourselves as nurses, reassuring the patient, taking their temperature, listening to their breathing, taking their pulse-rate, and discussing how the patient was feeling. They had to decide where the injury was and where needed to be bandaged! They took turns, all thoroughly enjoyed this role play.

We followed this by writing up our learning about Florence Nightingale on a ‘lantern’ writing frame, which they all read out individually to the class! Some wrote poems, others wrote about her life and some wrote about why they admire her.

We finished the day by singing the class song about Florence Nightingale and handing out our ‘medals’ to remember our wonderful day!