Brooklands Museum

On Monday 11th March, Form 2 visited Brooklands Museum. As it was Science Week we had the chance to take part in a number of exciting activities including firing water-powered rockets and making parachutes. The children were enthusiastic and thoroughly enjoyed taking part. Alongside this, we visited the aeroplane hangers to see (and even get in) a number of aeroplanes and learn about the history of flying machines! 

On our return, in our History lessons, we learnt in detail about the Wright brothers who were some of the first to get a glider with attached engine off the ground for any length of time. 

Before we left Brooklands we also had the chance to look around the bus museum and see the evolution of this mode of transport right from the days of a horse-drawn cart.

It was a fantastic informative day out, with fun had by all. Thank you to the staff and parents who attended to support the trip.