Science Workshop

Dr Gareth Francis visited Reception on Tuesday 29th March to provide a fantastic day of science workshops. The morning was spent learning about Rocks, Minerals and Fossils. The children enjoyed:

  • Looking at and handling small fossils of ammonites, trilobites and belemnites
  • Working as a palaeontologist to excavate fossils from plaster of Paris and sand-based enclosures and identifying them
  • Examining minerals such as amethysts and quartz
  • Examining volcanic igneous rocks
  • Panning for gold and minerals
  • Making plaster casts of ammonites, trilobites and fossilised shark’s teeth.

The afternoon workshop was about Space, Stars and the Universe and involved some amazing demonstrations and hands-on experiments to inspire our budding young scientists and engineers. The children enjoyed exploring:

  • Looking through telescopes
  • Learning about the solar system, planets, deep space, stars, galaxies and black holes
  • Investigating how gravity is different on each planet and how it is formed
  • Exploring the rotation of the earth and days, months and years with globes and torches.