Lockdown Remote Exams

During the lockdown nearly all our pupils had to take their Music exams remotely.

This week, Mrs Flanagan was incredibly impressed to hear that Mia (Form 4) had recorded her Violin remote exam entirely on her own! Mrs Flanagan was fortunate enough to find 5 minutes to interview Mia (she is very busy!) and find out about her experience.

Mrs F: ‘How did you feel about recording the exam by yourself?’

Mia: ‘I was quite scared at first but felt better about once I knew what to do.’

Mrs F: ‘So what did you have to do?’

Mia: ‘The mobile phone was on a stand. Then I had to press the record button and hold up a piece of paper to the camera with my name and the pieces I was going to play. Then I had to walk over to where I was going to perform and announce my name and all 4 pieces that I was going to play. Next I had to play them all through without any stopping.’

Mrs F: ‘So how did that go? Did you manage it in one go?’

Mia: ‘No. I had to do around 12 takes before I was happy with it! Even then, it’s hard to play four pieces in a row without making some mistakes’.

Mrs F: ‘12 takes – well done, that must have been exhausting! So what did you have to do next?’

Mia: ‘My Dad uploaded the best recording to the ABRSM website and now I have to wait for my result.’

Mrs F: ‘Thank you for your time Mia. You can go back to your busy day now!’