Form 2 Visit Kidzania

Form 2 had an stimulating visit to Kidzania on Friday 4th March, this visit was linked to their recent topic of Dreams and Goals.  They arrived at Westfield Shopping Centre in Shepherd’s Bush and followed the footprints from the coach drop-off to Kidzania.  It was very exciting and when they arrived they could see a life-sized aeroplane (which they later found out was donated by British Airways).  One of the activities they tried out was pretending to be a pilot.  They got to go inside a real cockpit and used flight simulation programmes to learn how to move and land a plane – it was brilliant!  Other careers that the class tried out included: police officers, fire officers, delivery workers, secret agents, computer designers, dancers, vets and news presenters.  They all had a great day and wished they could have stayed longer!