Carroty Wood Trip Report

On Monday 14th March, Form 4 went to Carroty Wood which is an outdoor activity centre in some woods. We travelled in both the school minibuses and arrived just before lunchtime.

We stayed in a building called Hornbeam House. We shared rooms with our friends and all the rooms were en-suite so they had their own bathrooms inside. All the rooms had bunk beds in them apart from the rooms the teachers slept in. Hornbeam House had its own lounge where we played games, table tennis, snooker and read books. It also had a large dining room where had delicious meals and also played games and talked together after the meals.

While we were at Carroty Wood we did many fun and challenging activities such as the High Ropes course where many of us did the ‘Leap of Faith’ (a long jump far off the ground) and the Low Ropes course where we balanced on ropes and tyres and got very muddy! Pedal karting was an exciting activity where we raced with friends. In abseiling we daringly walked down a very high tower and in geocaching we searched for geocaches hidden around the woods. Mission Impossible was a cleverly made activity where we had to complete various challenges such as escaping from handcuffs and making origami penguins. We also had a pool party in the swimming pool and played some energetic games in the Games Hall. Our last night ended with us sharing riddles, singing songs and toasting marshmallows around the campfire.

We came back really tired but having had a fantastic time!

Yinglong and Ethan (Form 4)