This term, the children have thoroughly enjoyed the experience of hatching and looking after their own brood of chicks! The company, Living Eggs, supplied us with all the necessary equipment along with 10 incubated eggs. Over the 10 days they were with us, we (quite literally) watched the eggs hatch, observed a new born chick and how it behaves, and saw how quickly they fluff up and double in size! The children helped clean them out, feed them and give them lots of love and cuddles. Their topic of Life Cycles in Science was supported nicely by this experience and every child in the school visited and held a chick. The whole school went a little chick crazy for the 10 days – even the office staff were regular visitors to Form 4’s classroom!

We were so pleased several families were able to re-home some of the chicks at the end of their stay, so we can receive regular updates. It was a wonderful experience for everyone! Mrs McKie and Form 4 quite miss the over excited cheeping at the back of the classroom that they had become so used to hearing!