British Wildlife Centre Trip

On Thursday 6th May, Form 3 visited the British Wildlife Centre. First of all, we had our picture taken with a giant hedgehog, and then we were greeted by a keeper called Jackie. We were introduced to Clare and Luke, two of the keepers, who were going to show us around for the day.

We saw three foxes called Flo, Ted and Dobby. Ted was a male fox and he lives with Flo because Flo is his mum. Female foxes are called vixens and males are called dogs. We also saw red squirrels, Muntjac deer, Scottish wildcats, weasels, snakes, otters, owls, rats, polecats and a lovely hedgehog. We watched a PowerPoint presentation about garden animals. It was exciting and we all had a great time watching it and answering questions and guessing the animals.

Our trip was very exciting, we had a great time and lots of fun.

Fact of the Day

Did you know… that owls’ hearing is so good that they can even hear a human blink?

Report written by Ethan, Emma & Yinglong (Form 3)